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This is the most exciting piece of equipment I have ever purchased. The WA76 from Warm Audio is outstanding and is the proof in the pudding. Bryce & the Warm Audio team went the extra mile here and I personally think it is changing how us buyers buy. Sure you can have the top name gear and if one can afford the costly slippery slope that follows us, have at it!   But for those of us who have to shop wisely, count nickels, it’s a God send to have such great manufactures like Warm Audio on our side.


Research, Blogs, YouTube, are great ways to find out info on today’s releases before purchases. One can watch a shoot-out of different products and even Gearslutz forum proves the amount of feedback to be helpful.  2 units of the WA76 were ordered and I was on top of the world. I had previously owned a Universal Audio 6176 and loved the 1176 side of the unit. The 610 pre side not so much though.  After selling the UA6176 to a guy in Quebec, I began to somewhat start missing it but not enough to pay $2500us for a replacement.


I was like a kid at Christmas has I opened the packaging in a hurry and there it was, waiting to be used. I rearranged my rack for the install and had cables already tagged. I was up and running in minutes. One of my clients arrived and he could see I was bouncing like a child needing to pee lol. I brought him into the vocal booth and handed him a pair of headphones.  I said sing, sing whatever, I have something new to try.


The mic pre in the chain?  Was the Vintech X73i – WA76 – Apollo Quad.  Wow! I think it sounded amazing on the vocal. It was more forward than anything I have ever used. This thing proved to be a monster after trying the Great River, Rupert Neve Design 511 and others.  Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar all seemed to gel great and beyond. Now I need another pair of these for sure.  I Love em’!


Now for the Bonus idea of the WA76!  It has 1-input XLR, 1-input ¼ TRS. So, connection of 2 Mic Pres or anything else is possible but only one of the inputs at a time can run. This makes for easy access and eliminates using a Patch Bay in smaller setups. I think its genius, and the original 1176 never had that feature.


Anyway regards of happiness for a UA1176 $2500 vs WA76 $600 for a great product and idea? Don’t let the price tag fool ya!



Glenn Thomas

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