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Project Studios of today consist with multi-talented individuals, jack of all trades and sometimes master of none. Being faced trying to be in two areas while tracking can be frustrating, time consuming and mentally exhausting. Most of us are afraid to let the unmusical wife, kids or a Church friend act as an engineer to hit the red button and tell you if the mic gain/position is workable. So without further ado let me introduce the cheapest, efficient and no attitude Employee on the market “ TouchDaw”.

One of the great perks of having a project studio is convenience. During the night you can sneak out of bed and bury yourself in work without even your cat knowing. A call to a friend is not possible in the late night hour, nor do you feel like calling them anyway knowing they’ll want to hang out instead of hitting the record button. The ease of grabbing my smartphone, setup a session in my DAW, Arm the tracks for the acoustic drum kit, open the TouchDaw App on my smartphone and I’m ready once the connection is complete via Wifi.

Isolated headphones are a must in a situation when recording in the same room, or a separate room to eliminate bleed. In either case tracking drums due to the thunder of noise the isolation makes life grand. I can’t tell you how to setup pre-amps and mic placements for your situation because there are too many variables to consider. However, what I did was hire a closely styled drummer as I am to come in for a couple hours one day and did a pre-setup with mic placement and mic pre gains. This setup is very valuable and will make tracking alone much easier in the future.

Now you’re ready to work. Always a good practice is to add a smooth two bar metronome intro start, it gives you time to squirm on the drum throne and prepare your mental internal tempo clock to sync your rhythm. Ok, now hit the record button on the TouchDaw app and your tracking! Once you’re out of the gate and motoring down the finish line many things can happen to disrupt the craftsmanship of the perfect take. Hitting the play button on the App sends your DAW back to the minute you started like a time machine waiting for your next command of either “Undo” or “Save” because you are in control.

Yes, there are many products on the market that can help your workflow in the same manner. I found this TouchDaw App because Windows 8 64bit couldn’t run my trusty AA battery eating “Tranzport” toy made by frontier that cost a wad of money several years ago. The Tranzport sits covered in dust after being replaced by a $7 App and provides more features and even better stability. I use the TouchDaw almost daily for lots of reasons. It’s brilliant in ways you can customize buttons, adjust faders, arm tracks, switch between tracks and sub groups. Not only is it a bonus for drummers, but any time you need to record from another room or instrument your employee can assist. So, all and all, for those of us who wish we could afford to have a helper, don’t hesitate to hire the cheapest employee today to help you tomorrow.


The Hot:

  • Free App, Looks Great, No delivery required, Works for Apple and Android Products, Wifi connection, Easy to use and straight forward.

The Cold:

  • none


The Pocket$:

  • Free download that works great, or can purchase the full version for less than $7.


The Product: