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Being a user of Google email, I have to say switching from my good ole trust worthy was a great choice.  Forwarding email from Hotmail to the new Gmail address was painless, smooth and stable. In the world of the forever war between Apple vs Android, one can choose either and have great results.

I remember my first cd purchase, Clint Black’s “Killing Time.” Driving in my car’ avoiding bumps in the road because, it seemed even a hair line crack in the road would cause the music to skip.  Cd players got better and now you’ve almost got to crash your car to make a cd skip.  Out came the MP3 players with small storages and the ugly 128bit audio with top end sound that would compare to a handful of glass marbles being rubbed together quickly. Remember that?

Apple’s iTunes hit the new age of digital music market swinging punches to make a difference, and you know what? They did!. It was everywhere and selling the music in a better sounding format MP3’s of 192bit  Storage got huge on devices and life got better.  Folks carrying hundreds and hundreds of songs on players and cell phones became the trend.  MP3 players were easy to load with a simple drag and drop much like a flash drive and is  very convenient.  Until, one decided to buy a song from iTunes then things go south. Authorizing devices, one needs a app on their desktop that you have to open, endless updates and you either download the latest 80mag software update depends on if you want to get right to listening or not.  Oh, and forget about getting the song you purchased from iTunes to play on some players because it won’t read the format. And not to mention getting the song you purchased onto an Android device unless you are computer savvy. Good Luck!

Google Play was an easy setup with my existing Gmail account. Easily browsing around, I found some of my favourite music that I had already purchased through iTunes. Google again stepped it up another notch to satisfy its clientele.  It was so good to see the option to upload your iTunes to the genius design of the Google Play system. I have over 4000 songs in my iTunes library so after installing the music manager by Google, I am sitting here at work on my office desktop and can see the 4000 plus songs uploading from home with the Google indicator and I’m listening to it at work from my newly created playlist. That’s freakin’ Awesome! Google Cares!

Now I’m up and running I read that, one account can only have 20,000 songs. What?  That’s equivalent to almost 1500hrs of non-repeat music. That is unheard of, unless you have a $15 per month subscription to satellite radio or something of the same nature. My Thoughts on the beloved Satellite radio option? was great but after a few hours of listening I started searching channels the same way I used the skip button on our cd players when a crappy song ( insert song title here lol ) came on and screwed up our flow of listening while cruising pedal to the metal.

Speaking of cruising, Google is moving pretty fast these days with this cool new setup. Check this out!… $7.99 a month plus tax gives you all access music stream all the time. That is like $7 bucks cheaper than the lowest priced iTunes card you can purchase for goodness sake at $15 dollars! And for what can one buy with that? 1 digital album and maybe 2 songs and its done. Yip, you read that right! Think of it like Netflix is to movies and TV, Google play is to music.

Ok so, I can play my uploaded music from my iTunes library and new and old releases on Google Play Music, anytime, anywhere, on any Apple or Android device for only $7.99?  Yes!  I wonder how Google will distribute the funds to Artists and Songwriters based on this  $7.99 entry early bird deal.  I am sure they have it covered, unlike the nightmares going on out there with some of these play online sites that are not worth naming.

Wait! One more important item for those of you who think you’ll be lonely without your trusty cozy music blanket that are into traveling into areas of no cell service, internet or data use.  Google again has that covered also, but this is where it’s out of pocket like its friendly competition iTunes. But Google is carrying a low purchase price on many compared of album download.

My name is Glenn Thomas and I am a Google User.